Welcome to the Brand Design Masters Podcast with Philip VanDusen

For the inaugural episode of the Brand Design Masters Podcast, I talk about what the podcast is all about, who it serves, how it could offer value, and what topics you can expect to be featured in future episodes.
In this episode I touch on how the podcast is about the power of design and branding to build successful and profitable businesses. This is significantly relevant especially with today’s creative economy exploding and the growing need for creative professionals to meet that demand for creative content.

The podcast will take on a variety of topics through formats including solo sharing, guest host chats, interviews, or through repurposed video content from my YouTube channel.

Some topics you can expect in future episodes include:
  • improving creative skills (branding, designing, writing, editing)
  • personal branding
  • networking
  • marketing
  • mechanisms of building a creative business
It’s my hope that the many valuable topics and discussions bring you closer to becoming what I call the 3Rs: Recognized, Remembered, and Revered.

I’ll be completely transparent in sharing everything I’ve picked up in my long and successful career, from everything I wish I knew to everything I’m learning now, to help benefit you and your personal career or business.

This step to expand the reach of these valuable learnings from my YouTube channel and brand•muse newsletter to the podcast airwaves will help more of you become indispensable partners to your clients and enables your business to soar.

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the podcast, head on over to the following links for more of my work and some valuable resources to get you started on your own branding initiatives. Until the next episode!




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The Brand Design Masters Podcast
is targeted to entrepreneurs, designers, creative professionals or anyone interested in brand strategy, business planning, graphic design, personal branding, trends and marketing.

Philip VanDusen is the owner of Verhaal Brand Design, a brand strategy and design agency based in New Jersey. Philip is a highly accomplished creative executive and expert in brand strategy, graphic design, marketing and creative management. Philip provides  design, branding, marketing, career and business advice to creative professionals, entrepreneurs and companies on how to build successful brands for themselves or for the clients and customers they serve.
Welcome to the Brand Design Masters Podcast with Philip VanDusen
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