Philip VanDusen - How To Grow an Audience + Build Your Authority

In this podcast, Philip gives advice on how to build an audience from the ground up. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear point of view, a distinct tone of voice, and consistency when posting content. He also encourages listeners to leverage other people's audiences and engage with their own, as well as to have faith in their content and believe in themselves.
In this episode, Philip explains how to build an audience from scratch. He talks about the importance of knowing why you would want an audience and what value you have to offer them, as well as which platform they are most likely to be found on. He also stresses the importance of having a point of view and a distinctive tone of voice to differentiate yourself from other content creators. He suggests becoming a student of inspiration to capture sparks of inspiration for content.
Philip outlines the need to hit 'post' in order to build an audience, despite it being a terrifying experience. He recommends branding whatever content is being posted and promoting it on multiple platforms. He also stresses the importance of consistency, setting a schedule and sticking to it like a job. Philip emphasizes the need to believe in oneself and have faith in the content being created.
Additionally, Philip talks about the importance of leveraging other people's audiences when you are just starting out. He suggests guest posting, writing an article about someone influential in your niche, and leveraging the credibility of others to gain exposure. He also emphasizes the importance of engaging with your audience, being consistent, and recycling content in different formats. Finally, he encourages listeners to believe in themselves and have faith in their content.

Key topics

1.     Building an Audience from Scratch
2.     Knowing Your Why for Building an Audience
3.     Knowing Your Value and Who Your Audience Is
4.     Choosing a Platform
5.     Finding Your Voice and Tone
6.     Niche Content
7.     Capturing Sparks of Inspiration
8.     Creating on Demand 
9.     Branding Content 
10.  Promoting Content 
11.  Building an Audience
12.  Becoming an Author
13.  Consistency
14.  Recycling Content
15.  Leveraging Other People's Audiences 
16.  Borrowing Credibility
17.  Engagement
18.  Sharing and Being Vulnerable
19.  Word of Mouth

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Philip VanDusen is the owner of Verhaal Brand Design, a brand strategy and design agency based in New Jersey. Philip is a highly accomplished creative executive and expert in brand strategy, graphic design, marketing and creative management. Philip provides design, branding, marketing, career and business advice to creative professionals, entrepreneurs and companies on building successful brands for themselves and the clients and customers they serve.

Philip VanDusen - How To Grow an Audience + Build Your Authority
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