Philip VanDusen - 14 Ways To Create An Iconic Brand and Business

All brands strive to become iconic. But what attributes of your brand can you leverage to achieve that coveted stature? 
In this podcast, I survey some of the world's most iconic brands and discuss the product or service attributes they have consistently delivered that have elevated them to being recognized as truly iconic brands.
Here are 14 examples of different ways that a brand can be iconic:

1.   The Coca-Cola brand used the shape as an iconic element.
2.   Marble cigarettes brand uses its layout as an iconic element.
3.   Converse is an iconic brand known for its product's functionality.
4.   Mickey Mouse is a brand that uses characters as an iconic element.
5.   Las Vegas is a brand that uses brand experience as an iconic element.
6.   Tiffany's is a brand that uses color leverage for their brand.
7.    Mcdonald's is a brand that uses symbols to become iconic.
8.    Kentucky Fried Chicken is a brand that uses packaging to make the brand iconic.
9.    Volkswagen is a brand that becomes iconic because of innovation.
10.  Harley Davidson is a brand that builds iconic stature around lifestyle.
11.   Geico is an iconic brand for its personality.
12.  The Aflac of the Aflac Duck is a brand that uses sound as a lever to make it iconic
13.  Uber is an iconic brand that becomes a noun
14.  Google is an iconic brand that has become a verb
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Philip VanDusen - 14 Ways To Create An Iconic Brand and Business
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